Ideas that come true

Concept is the birth of an idea that will become the character and formal autonomy of a space, whether it is a cabin, a hall, a swimming pool, a theatre, a accomodations or a wellness spa. It is difficult to explain such process of transformation, at DJDI it is always the product of a team work and a close relation with the customer.

Before we start drawing on a white sheet, we already know the customer's requirements in terms of business, functionality or simple taste, as well as all the regulations that delimit our possible choices.

Then, all the other elements follow in: colors, materials, light etc., and we choose each one of them with extreme care together with our customer. Formal research within a design project should never be self-oriented, it should be supported by a multidisciplinary work aimed at creating an organism where both the functional and the aesthetic elements live together in harmony.

DJDI is not merely looking for a feature or a strategy to distinguish itself from competitors. It wants to express in its design the elements and demands of the contemporary age and create opportunities of interaction and emotional engagement through the concrete act of 'making architecture', building spaces that should always be attractive, comfortable and practical but most of all made for people.



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