Designing luxury with a tailor-made approach

Its longstanding experience of the cruise ship sector gives DJDI a unique and peculiar approach when it comes to yacht design. DJDI combines an outstanding sensitivity to refined spaces and atmospheres with the ability to preserve functionality and ergonomics, while adapting to the customer's personality and culture. The final result is a tailor-made project.

The first priority is in fact the relation with the ship owner, and each project is considered an opportunity to have a cultural exchange and a relationship of mutual trust.

DJDI designs both the interiors and exteriors of each ship with the aim of reaching an integrated product that perfectly meets the customer's expectations.

Spaces are designed to be extremely comfortable to live in, offering solutions that accurately match the basic architectural elements such as colors and materials, surfaces and light, to create very emotional and engaging environments.

Luxury is expressed by balancing elegance with exclusive shapes and guaranteeing a high quality and artistic value. The designing method shared by DJDI team perfectly combines functionality with the formal and technical aspects of each project, in order to obtain an excellent global aesthetic result.

The deep knowledge of materials and the use of top-quality suppliers allow DJDI to satisfy every single requirement of the ship owner, always assisting him step by step from the very first concept to the final product.

A team of fully-skilled designers guarantees a constant knowledge of the ultimate sector trends and a great effectiveness when it comes to reproducing projects through virtual 3D and 4D simulations


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