Cruise Design

More than 60 Years of Cruise Design expertise and elegance

Over the years, cruise ships have become DJDI major field of activity. The adventure started with the great intuitions of its founder, Giuseppe De Jorio, has grown in complexity through a constant linguistic and multicultural experimentation.

Since the cruising experience is more focused on the journey itself than on the destination, architects must concentrate their abilities in order to make life onboard extremely comfortable and at the same multifaceted and engaging.

Passengers must be the protagonists and for this reason, the organization of spaces on one hand and the creation of atmospheres and locations on the other, are conceived in order to supply them with multiple proposals and attractions.

It is not only a matter of interior decoration and scenic design, but also of formal and architectonic coherence that DJDI has genetically inherited from the  European cultural tradition.

This has made it possible to imagine a cruise ship as an harmonic organism where the diversity of languages, experiences and places is always integrated with elegance and style into a superior design. This peculiar approach makes DJDI and its creations competitive on the international stage.

Such coherence in the quality of design together with the continuity of spaces, visible in both the most representative areas like a ship hall and the ancillary spaces like stairs and lobbies, constitutes an added value to the project, producing a positive outcome in terms of image and quality standards for the ship and the shipowner.


Luxury designed environments for a multi-faceted experience

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Not just beautiful spaces to enjoy your free time, but also opportunities to experience different atmospheres and cultures

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Elegance and functionality are the keys to creating unique and comfortable spaces to live in

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