Our Team

Our team of professionals: the perfect synergy between creativity and expertise

DJDI team includes architects and designers, each involved in fundamental steps of the designing process. The architects in charge of each project supervise and manage the building design of the appointed areas, from the preliminary project to its final construction.

Materials, another essential aspect of design, are managed by a dedicated architect who takes care of suppliers, searches for new products and rigorously stores and classifies each sample.  Finishes are chosen together with customers, who can select from a very rich and updated archive. Highly qualified designers deal with both interior and exterior design of cruise ships and yachts, as well as graphic design, signage and industrial design.

DJDI staff also includes virtual 3D and 4D experts offering customers the opportunity to live the project from the inside. DJDI has also launched a recent cooperation with foreign universities, welcoming cruise and yacht design students to training and internship programs.  

Marco de Jorio
Vittorio de Jorio
Architect & Founding Partner
Alessandra Ponzetti
Interior & Yacht Designer
Andrea Arena
IT Assistant
Andrea Brossa
Barbara Vaghini
Camillo Morande
Interior & Yacht Designer
Claudia Resasco
Architect & Material Department
Emilia Pozzoli
Gianluca Goretti
Senior Architect
Giuio Clavarino
Senior Architect
Jasmine Molinari
Public Relations & Corporate Communications
Laura Resasco
Luca Mori
Senior Architect
Marco Ferrari
Interior & Yacht Designer
Riccardo Erlacher
Vincenzo Buonanno
Interior & Yacht Designer

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